Basipur village- the Holy Pir’s abode

IMG_4747At the crossing of Durgapur High way & Magra-Gurap road we halted and were searching for tea stalls. There are a few tea-stalls always crowded by passersby. I took comfort on sitting over chaipai and ordered for tea.. In the meanwhile I saw huge toy-like structures flattened on the road margin. These toys were of different colours, designs and shapes. I was curious enough and asked someone:
– “Is there any fair nearby?”
– “no.. these are not for fairs. They are made for offerings to the Pirbaba of Basipur”
– “ Basipur? Where is it?”
The person pointed to a village,it is about half kms. Walk from where we are.
My curiosity moved further. I asked again” why do they offer?”
– “ Basipur is endowed with the blessings of Pirbaba. People from all over come here for cure of their broken bones. There are now 15-16 progenies who are doing this.”
– -How?
– They are experts. They set the fractured bones and bind the spot with some wild plants. It acts magically.
I was surprised. I looked at a mid-aged person who was purchasing the offerings.
-“ Hello.. what happened to you?’
– my forearm was broken. I came to Basipur and by the grace of Pir I am cured.
Then i found a woman whom I raied the same question.She replied
“ I had fractured at the toe. I was hospitalized. Anyway I could not recovered from the pain. Finally I came at Basipur and now I am fit. I will my respect to the Pir today.”

Thereafter I got many stories of Basipur. I was glazing towards the road where people were moving towards Basipur. I am fixed with faiths and science.

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