Murlu village – A hub of tiles-making

Saltora is one of the border blocks of Bankura bounded by ups & hills, forests and red-lateritic soil. This block represents almost a dry prone area inhabited by resource poor community. The beautiful Biharinath or the heritage village Tiluri fall under this block. The journey to Raghunathpur through Saltora is pleasant, charming and scenic.
A small village ,Murlu along with the main road is awesome. Every house is a factory. Everyone is engaged in creation of roof-tiles . kuccha- moulded tiles in front of houses would give you artistic taste . These are of different designs, different shapes & of uses. All are done with minimum resources using inherited technology. Recently some touches of modernization have been tried but traditional tile-making is dominant. Tile-making is a household industry. Family members normally do the complete job. In case of necessity or huge order hired labours are drawn.
Tile-making is the livelihood of the villagers. It is also the main activity surrounding Saltora. The process of manufacturing is natural and the product is natural . Around six hundred families are directly dependent on this activity.
I was talking with Sambunath Kumbhakar –a resident of Murlu. According to him there is huge demand of tiles. Murlu tiles go to Jharkhand and Bihar states. Murlu has its own reputation. Its brand-name possesses wide market.
However, he pointed out the newly expanding stone-making business in the block. Crashers will eventually crash the inherited traditional practices of tile-making.

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