Naru Bauri & his innovative farming

Naru Bauri- a marginal farmer cum daily labourer unfolded many issues in Paschimanchal. I saw him and his farm on vijoya dashami . On that day I was moving towards Gurudi & surrounding villages to meet my beloved turmeric-ShG groups. It was a drought like situation in Bankura & Purulia and I wanted to see how far turmeric withstand the situation or what would be the loss this year. Every inch of the soil I stepped in showed moisture stress, I found paddy fields in shabby look, plants were wrinkled, stunted , bent down on the fields. Animals were free to graze in paddy fields without any obstruction. I was talking to passer buys, all were afraid of severe drought this year. There was no rains for the last two and half months. As I was moving, suddenly I struck to a pocket which is quite different from the rest. It was a complete carpet of greens. I got down from the car. Astonishing found a mid-aged stout person watering crops with a bucket. This was Naru Bauri. He has planted about seven bighas of land with bottle gourd. Within few minutes he won our hearts.
-“ Hey.. are you the owner of this land”?
-“no Sir, I am a poor fellow. The land belongs to the Mridhas”
I got an additional merit here. Naru is the symbol of community harmony. He has been permitted by another community to use the land. In village level all are peace loving people. They do not quarrel with religion. Naru was praising of Mridhas. However, another point I observed of effectiveness of implementation of MNREGA . A pond has been excavated by MNEREGA giving a source of irrigation. Naru has utilized it sowing gourd that requires minimum water. The choice of the crop was obviously by his experience . Naru got this cue as rural households rear gourd in their yards or roofs with less care. Naru planted ten thousands seed at the first rainfall. These plants grew naturally. He knows that gourds do not thrive in stagnant water. Thus he thought the bunds of the pond is ideal for it.During the last three months he accompanied by his wife & children watered plants manually . Buckets are his means. Naru has no sprayer. He made brooms as sprayers.
When I visited the farm i found green gourds ready for sale. I was also offered a round shaped gourd. Naru’s success story went to Sumit Biswas through my blogs. A coverage was made in Sambad Pratidin-a daily news paper. Naru became a buzz person.
Today a team headed by Samar Karmakar,Dy.Director (Soil Conservation) along with Shri Ashutosh sardar,Sub-Divisional agricultural officer and ADA, Adhikary came to see Naru’s farm. Sandip Sarkar captured his story for telecast in ETV. My friend Paresh Mazumdar co-ordinated the program.
Naru Bauri ushered in a new hope in dry areas.

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