Exemplary MGNEREGA models for outcast

Exemplary MGNEREGA models for outcast

MGNEREGA supported orchards in Bankura district have ushered in new hope for the marginalized, poverty stricken folk in dry tracts of the district. The district has already earned acclamation for pro-poor friendly NEREGA models. I had the opportunity to visit a few orchards earlier . I was fascinated to see the Lipidiri mango projects near Mukutmonipur. Right now I recollect the names of Golapi Savar & Shanti Savar who accompanied me round the garden. In a tete-e-tete they expressed over-joy with the orchard-model. Their words “ we used to move Burdwan for jobs, we had to depend on land-lords and money lenders . Those are gone” still buzzing on my ears. I owe credit to the MGNEREGA cell, particularly Dr. Babulal Mahato- the then Dy.Magistrate of Khatra Sub-division for volunteering a lot in addition to his administrative schedule. There are other orchards, but this is unique in a sense that the nomadic tribe have been tied with the process of development.
Now I shall mention another model at Gouripur for the outcast, socially deprived people. This model has outclassed many models under MGNEREGA in the state as well as India. This particular model is for twenty three hapless families living in the leper colony adjacent to the hospital. They are cured lepers but socially rejected fellows.
Sooner I reached the garden I found a mid-aged came hurriedly albeit limping.
-“ what’s your name? What you do here?”
-“ I am Raju Ray”- ( name changed), I am watching the garden”.
A vast undulated area covering 30.70 hectares of land has been put to farming under MGNEREGA activity. It has been named Nirmala Activity Centre- for the cured but socially outcast lepers. Their activity is of setting up orchards, mainly mangoes, guavas. They have also been following inter-crop practices under the guidance of Dr. Babulal Mahato.
I asked Roy “ How do you see the farm under MGNEREGA?”
_” 100 days’ work for 100 years’ livelihood”- quickly he replied.
A small word with omnipotent realization I heard from a simple person. There is an ancient Egyptian quote on lepers :’ Death before death’ but Raju changed it ‘ Live before death’.
Let above two models be replicated for destitute and poorly understood people elsewhere.

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